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Trish Shields is the parent of three children two girls ages 11 and 18, and a son who is 17. She had nearly completed her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English, when parenthood intervened. Trish has a background in Fine Arts at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. She has also studied creative writing under Matt Hughes, Canadian author of 'Fools Errant', 'Downshift' and 'Fool Me Twice'.

Renaissance Alliance Publications, Inc. has published a book of her poetry entitled Soul Speak, and it was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for 2001. Trish has poetry published in an anthology by Hidden Brook Press, entitled 'Time of Trial', concerning the events of September 11, 2001, This publisher has featured more of her work in a new anthology called Oval Victory, published in 2002. Blue Feather Books Limited has also published a book of poetry, entitled Spirit Harvest, which was released in November 2002. Inferno, her first novel to be published by Baycrest Books is now available at most online bookstores.

Trish grew up in Europe and has traveled the United States and Canada extensively. She currently resides with her partner and children on Vancouver Island.




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